PUREnola launched in 2013 after a quest to find a more healthful, nutrient rich, not-too-sweet, yet crunchy snack containing whole ingredients with no added preservatives, chemicals or fillers.  

After our children were born, I found myself craving a chocolaty, yet nutrient dense snack to help me get through the days where I missed meals.  I decided to experiment using organic raw nuts and seeds.  The "crunch" became an integral part of my mission, as did my obsession with raw cacao.  I began by creating combinations of whole, organic ingredients that I felt comfortable eating and feeding to my family and friends. 

After many batches and flavor attempts distributed to loyal taste tester friends and colleagues, I began to find empty jars waiting on my porch for refills. I checked many a market shelf for something similar, but I just didn't find it.  My decision was simple - the response to PUREnola was overwhelming - from other parents, professionals and children alike - once they tried it, they just couldn't go back to the alternatives, and neither could I.

We embrace PURE, whole ingredients, environmentally responsible and health conscious packaging, and GOODNESS in all forms of community support.